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TxDOT considers new heights for billboards – public hearing Tuesday

“There [are] two big areas that are going to be impacted, all areas that are outside of cities because counties don't have any regulatory authority over signage... and cities who have not adopted a height regulation,” Lloyd said. “There are many cities in Texas that have no height regulation on billboards because the state is the controlling entity.” Read more from Impact News. The public hearing will be held at 9am on Tuesday, June 24th at 125 E. 11th in…

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New Billboard Fact Sheet

Scenic America has just released a handy 4-page reference guide to basic facts and figures about billboards. Download the PDF here. Learn more about scenic issues and billboard in the Hill Country here.

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2013 Billboard News

November 8, 2013 Scenic Texas Announces New Appointments to Board of Directors Scenic Texas announces the appointment of three new Hill Country board members. The new appointments are Kathleen Krueger, Former Mayor Pro-Tem, New Braunfels; Paul Robert Goebel, Associate Dean at Texas Tech University, Lubbock; and Chris Cornwell, former PepsiCo Food Scientist, Canyon Lake.Learn More June 19, 2013 Anti-Scenic Bills Die Texas cities will continue to determine how their cities look because your voices were heard! Three proposed bills that…

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2012 Billboard News

August 13, 2012 Welcome Scenic Comal County Scenic Texas welcomes their newest chapter, Scenic Comal County. Committed to preserving the county's landscape, a group of concerned residents led by Chris Cornwell, Dave Bohn, Robbi Boone, and Comal County Commissioner Jan Kennady want to raise awareness about the negative effects of visual pollution. Scenic Comal County's mission is to preserve the scenic beauty of Comal County by curbing billboard proliferation, minimizing light pollution, and cleaning up litter. To learn more about…

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2011 Billboard News

November 2, 2011 Scenic Texas at Work This month’s “Scenic Views” a newsletter from Scenic Texas features an announcement of “This Space Available,” a feature documentary exploring grassroots efforts to deal with visual pollution worldwide. Learn more from Scenic Texas. June 2, 2011 Signs of the times: billboards, property rights, and the enlightenment At the heart of the struggle between anti- and pro-billboarders is the question: who owns the view? If private landowners want to put up a forest of…

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2010 Billboard News

November 18, 2010 Texas’ Rural Billboards Continue Unchecked It seems that every time you drive out of town, a new rural billboard has been built to capture your attention - and spoil the view. Since at last count over 200 Texas cities now prohibit billboard construction, industry growth has moved into the rural areas - exactly where billboards do not belong. Under existing Texas law, no much can be done about proliferating billboards in rural counties. No local county government…

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