Ask Texans about their favorite landscape and you’re likely to get more than a dozen different answers. That’s because Texas, second only to Alaska in land size, has a rich array of landscapes to choose from. Our state offers nearly every major habitat type on earth. We are lucky in that way.

There are “pineywoods” to the east and expansive coastal marshes, bays and beaches to the south. Prairies dot the north. And in the west, arid deserts give way to mountain peaks. And in the heart of Texas, rolling oak-lined hills sit atop a vast network of freshwater springs, rivers and aquifers.
We depend on these lands and waters for jobs, food, security and the health of our families. In turn, these irreplaceable natural resources depend on all of us, including our elected officials.
Unfortunately, President Trump’s current budget proposal doesn’t meet that end of the bargain. It slashes critical conservation and environmental programs through dramatic cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of the Interior and more… Read more from