Hays County Pct. 3 Commissioner Will Conley writes that he will ask the county judge and fellow commissioners to help fund an initiative to “develop the science and monitoring that we need to make informed decisions” about groundwater pumping from the Edwards and Trinity aquifers in Hays County.

 “We are blessed in our community to have several different aquifers through Hays County. Every square foot of our county has some relation with these aquifers. These aquifers provide so much to our quality of life, from our basic water needs here at home to the flowing creeks and springs. As our county continues to change, it is essential we understand these assets and manage them properly.”

“Our groundwater conservation districts are directly responsible for this work in our county. This is the way the state designed it to work They are responsible for conserving, preserving and protecting our aquifers. Now these districts all have some differences, but this is their basic mission. In order for them to do their best, it is essential we have data based off unbiased science for these policymakers to be able to best accomplish their goals. Without science, we are throwing darts at a board and taking risk on our resources. We are also potentially being unfair to landowners. These organizations have done a lot to get closer to this goal but more work is needed.” Read more from the San Marcos Mercury