On Jan. 25, President Donald Trump ordered “the immediate construction of a physical wall on the southern border.” His pledge to “build the wall” and make Mexico pay for it, was a big applause line on the campaign trail. In Texas, however, many are concerned about this plan, especially where I live in the Rio Grande Valley.
Many Texans are concerned about the cost of the wall’s construction, the effect on business with Mexico (Texas’ largest trading partner), and the environmental impact to cherished areas like Big Bend National Park. And south of San Antonio, it’s more personal. We’re worried about our land — the privately owned homesteads, ranches, small businesses, schools and churches that straddle the border. It’s impossible for the federal government to build a contiguous wall in Texas without seizing private property.
Texans are famously protective of our liberty. We’re also famous for refusing to go down without a fight. It’s in times like these that we like to say: “Come and take it.” …Read more from TribTalk