Our Texas Hill Country lifestyle: dark quiet night skies filled with stars, the privacy afforded by having some space between you and your neighbors, less worry about crime and air pollution, and just a slower pace all the way around.
These are some of the reasons people have moved here for generations and stayed to raise families, start businesses and hunker down for the long haul. People who move here often do so at the expense of making as much money as one might be able to in the big city. Folks just decide the trade-off is worth the trouble — or they leave and return to the hustle and bustle.
These days, I really wonder why the real estate agents and bankers are still encouraging folks to move to our parched part of the world since, unless we face our water crisis and solve some serious water-related problems very soon, many of these investments will not be worth much.
I wish there was more honesty about the serious nature of our current water crisis in the real estate world, but I guess that is the nature of the beast… Read more from MyStatesman.com