April 10th Regular Board Meeting

The Directors received an update from the District’s staff regarding current hydrologic conditions.

  • The average water level was 22.51’ below the March average. This is the lowest March level on record.
  • The levels of the District’s 43 monitor wells are trending downward. Four of the monitor wells were at all-time record lows. 16 of the 43 monitor wells have record lows for the month of March.
  • Guadalupe River flow has been below the median value for all but one day in the last year.
  • March and April are usually the months with the highest water levels.

Director Campbell made a motion to move the District into Stage 4 drought restrictions, which was seconded by Director Eldredge. After much discussion, the motion failed after a 2-3 vote. The move to Stage 4 drought restrictions appears imminent in May barring any major rainfall event. The dissenting Directors directed staff to notify permit holders and the public of the dire conditions as well as the probable move to Stage 4 drought restrictions in May.

For more information please visit the District’s website www.ccgcd.org.
Drought Restrictions are available at Drought-Stages-Chart-12-12-12.pdf (ccgcd.org)

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