Milan Michalec, president of the board of the Cow Creek Groundwater Conservation District, will address Boerne’s City Council on Tuesday night to question the propriety of WCID No. 3. Michalec describes shortfalls in the process as “egregious” and “secretive,” and believes that Senate Bill 914, which triggered WCID No. 3, should be repealed.
With a single public notice printed in a December 2016 issue of the San Antonio Express-News, SB 914 was filed on Feb. 15, 2017, and later approved with no public opposition. Two days after the February filing, Michalec said, he happened to learn about the bill and its nascent WCID, at which point he wrote a letter of protest to the bill’s originator, Dist. 25 Senator Donna Campbell.
Michalec states that Campbell has ignored his requests to discuss the measure.
However, Michalec also learned through a request for public information that prior to the bill’s filing, in December of 2016, advisory letters were sent by a Houston law firm to Boerne’s Mayor Mike Schultz and to the city council.
Aside from what Michalec perceives as suspicious communication and timing, other aspects of the WCID concern him as well.
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