In a state where the population continues to rapidly swell, the sprawling Dallas-Fort Worth region remains a fundamental source for those gains.
Adding 131,767 residents from 2017 to 2018, the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area gained more residents than any other metropolitan area in the country and was behind more than a third of Texas’ population growth in that period, according to population estimates the U.S. Census Bureau released Thursday.
Following a years-long trend, the new estimates show that Texas dominated in population growth thanks to both growing families and migration to the state. The state took 4 of the nation’s top 10 spots both for counties that gained the most residents in a year and those that grew the fastest.
Despite those gains, the census estimates also indicated that the state’s explosive growth has slowed down as natural increase — the rate at which births outpace deaths — and international and domestic migration have declined. Texas has picked up fewer residents every year since 2015, when the state grew by almost 510,000 people in one year. In 2018, the population grew by almost 380,000.
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