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Waterfall at Bull Creek

Desired Future Conditions (DFCs) are planning tools set by Groundwater Management Areas (GMAs) and their member Groundwater Conservation Districts (GCDs). GCDs are mandated by the state to manage our groundwater resources by measuring and monitoring groundwater levels, spring-flow rates or a combination of the two. 

The health and productivity of your local spring, river system and/or water well may be directly tied to the DFC set for your aquifer. Groundwater management was designed by the Texas legislature to be locally controlled and a bottom-up planning process, giving voice to those most intimately connected to groundwater supplies. Learn more about how groundwater planning works here.

Decisions being made now will affect the future of our drinking water supply, spring flow, the health of our creeks, rivers and streams and the life and economy of the Hill County for future generations.

DFC Comment Period

The comment periods for both GMA 9 and 10 have closed. You can view our final comments here. Thank you to all who reached out and submitted comments in order to protect the health of thousands of private wells and the springs that keep Hill Country rivers flowing.

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Hill Country Groundwater Management Areas

Wondering where you fit in Hill Country groundwater management? View the map below to see what Groundwater Management Area your water comes from. Click here to access a larger, downloadable PDF of the map.

map showing the groundwater management areas located in the Hill Country