With more people enjoying the outdoors and working from home this April, you may start to notice more wildlife in your backyard, neighborhood or surrounding area. Species including birds, deer and snakes are active this time of year and their young often stray or appear to be abandoned. But wildlife experts caution against lending a helping hand.
The deer fawning season begins in early to mid-May. A newborn fawn’s mottled coat and mother’s care usually hides them from predators. But as fawns mature, they shed these coats for a more adult color which causes them to catch the eye. With mothers leaving fawns for hours at a time, you may spot one lying alone in tall grass or in a brushy area.  Well-meaning people sometimes pick up these fawns, thinking that they have been abandoned by their mothers and need help. This is rarely the case.
Read the full press release from Texas Parks and Wildlife Department here.