Episode Notes 

In this episode, Leslie Bobby of Southern Regional Extension Forestry talks to Frank Davis and Commissioner Lon Shell, important water management players in Texas’s Hill Country region, an area marked by considerable growth and development in recent years.

They discuss how communities around San Antonio are using taxes and those around Austin are using bonds to ensure they have clean water for generations to come.

About the Podcast

How the River Flows highlights how our region’s communities are banding together to conserve the 245 million acres of existing forests. Each episode will take a close look at the relationship between healthy forests and clean drinking water. We talk to the experts on the ground who share their best ideas for conserving local forests to ensure a lasting, clean supply of drinking water for future generations. Included in these discussions will be issues surrounding taxes and compensation, infrastructure, and voter initiatives. You’ll learn how these innovations are financed, managed and how your local community can join the effort in protecting our precious southern forests and the many benefits that they provide.

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