1. *MAY 27 UPDATE:
  2. Top 10 FAQs on transmission line routing cases before the PUC
  3. LCRA is requesting input using its Project Questionnaire. Persons wishing to offer input regarding the project are encouraged to compete and return the form by May 30, 2014, as requested by LCRA. If you miss this deadline imposed by LCRA during this “study” period, you can still submit the Project Questionnaire. At the May 15, 2014, open house in Stonewall, LCRA stated that is would file its formal Application, or Certificate of Convenience and Necessity (CCN), with the Public Utility Commissioner (PUC) sometime in the fall. After the filing of the CCN, affecting landowners can then intervene in the PUC process and file comments or testimony at that time and influence the outcome as the final substation location or route will not have been selected.

May 22, 2014

News052214An estimated 200 people attended the open house held on Thursday, May 15th, in Stonewall to learn more about the proposed Blumenthal substation and 138-kV transmission line project that will affect that area. Most were potentially affected landowners who had received notices that they had property on or within 300 feet of a proposed preliminary route segment.

Representatives from the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), Central Texas Electric Cooperative (CTEC) and the consulting firm Power Engineers, were on hand to answer questions and receive input regarding the study area.

Maps and other information similar to what was on display at the open house can be accessed on LCRA’s website via the following link:http://www.lcra.org/energy/electric-transmission/transmission-line-routing/Pages/blumenthal-substation-and-138kv-transmission-line-project.aspx

LCRA Transmission Services Corporation and CTEC have plans to build a new substation in the Blumenthal area east of Fredericksburg and a new 138-kV electric transmission line that will connect to an existing 138-kV transmission line that runs through northern Kendall and western Blanco counties. The project is designed to increase electric capacity to CTEC’s customers in the growing area east of Fredericksburg.

The project is estimated be 10 to 20 miles long depending on the route selected.

Persons wishing to offer input regarding the project are encouraged to complete and return the Project Questionnaire (http://www.lcra.org/energy/electric-transmission/transmission-line-routing/Documents/Blumenthal-Line-Project-Online-Questionnaire-5-15-2014.pdf) no later than May 30th.

HCA has long been involved in educating citizens and gathering information about the impacts of transmission lines in the Hill Country. For additional resources click here.