“In 2014, when Electro Purification Corporation (EP) planned to pump massive amounts of water from the unregulated portion of the Trinity Aquifer in Hays County, residents worked with BSEACD to bring this region under regulatory oversight. We were successful in the 2015 legislative session and BSEACD received authorization to expand its jurisdiction. Their added tasks are to protect groundwater resources, manage pumping and coordinate conservation over the Trinity Management Zones – the Upper, Middle and Lower Trinity Aquifer, that underlie the Edwards Aquifer.

Today, we are involved in another contest with EP and its plan to withdraw millions of gallons of groundwater and sell it outside of this region. In February 2018, BSEACD published the “Evaluation of the Potential for Unreasonable Impacts from the EP Well Field, Hays County, Texas.” These findings and more will be presented at the public information session at the Wimberley Community Center 6 p.m. Monday, June 18.

BSEACD board will make the final decision on the EP permit. As we proceed through the hearing and public comment process, we should focus on…” Read more from haysfreepress.com