The Hill Country Conservancy (HCC)  recently held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the first six mile segment of the Violet Crown Trail. HCC Executive Director George Coffer, Sunset Valley Mayor Rose Cardona, and Council Member Ellen Troxclair spoke at the event, which was picked up by most major Austin news outlets.
The day of the ceremony also kicked off voting for REI’s Every Trail Connects Campaign. The Violet Crown Trail placed third in the nation, receiving nearly 15,000 votes before the voting ended the following afternoon, and thanks to a generous supporter — who donated the last $785 — HCC was able to raise $75,000 for the trail during the campaign!
A special thanks goes out to all those who voted during the campaign and to our volunteers who spent Saturday spreading the word about the Violet Crown Trail around town. Over the weekend, hundreds of new trail-goers were spotted on the VCT!
If you haven’t visited the VCT yet, we hope you will join HCC and REI at the trail next Saturday morning. Trail guides and snacks will be provided at the 290 Trailhead.
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