Gillespie County Commissioners received a presentation from the Citizens for an Informed Relief Route during their Monday meeting.
The group, formed two weeks ago, consists of around 200 locals who want answers about the proposed relief route.
Gary Saucier, group representative, said the group was formed with the goal of getting more answers.
“We aren’t necessarily pro or con, but we have concerns and we want answers,” he said. “We feel as if we are being asked to make a decision, but we don’t have adequate information to make an informed decision.”
Concerns expressed by the group included:
• If the route is built, regardless of the location, will it solve the problem?
• If the road is the size of MOPAC or Interstate 10, does that really fit Fredericksburg?
• What is the price tag and how is this going to affect the citizens of Fredericksburg and Gillespie County?
• When is it going to be completed? Are we going to outgrow it by the time it is completed?
• How will it affect tourism?
• How will it affect the value of the land and agricultural value?
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