dsc_0760Many folks in Gillespie County still have not heard of the Hill Country Alliance, but the group marked its 10th year in existence in advocating for healthy land and waters, dark skies and fostering a community which cares about these things.
The group’s footprint covers 17 counties and 17,000 square miles. Last week, the group held its annual meeting to a packed room at Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs. Speakers included advocates of all stripes, including lawmakers, CEO of the Texas Wildlife Association, authors, civil engineers and more.
If I had a simple phrase to represent these folks, it would be gentle advocacy. These are not obnoxious advocates from Austin who try and tell you what to do with your land. Rather they’re people who, like us in Gillespie County, appreciate the starry nights, the clean water and pristine land… Read more from the Fredericksburg Standard