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How a Central Texas community is preparing for wildfires before an emergency happens

Last month, the Lubbock Avalanche Journal reported that though wildfire season typically begins in March, West Texas is seeing wildfires even earlier in the year. As a result, lots of communities have a plan of action for wildfires. But how many Texas communities perform a dry run before an emergency actually happens? So far, only one, the Comanche Trail neighborhood near Lake Travis, has done such a drill.

“I’m on the top of a hill, so I worry about a fire starting at the bottom,” says Tom Hollingshead, who was getting ready for Comanche Trail’s drill last Saturday. It was a cold, wet day but Hollingshead and others had fire on their minds.

Comanche Trail is tucked in a hillside along scenic Lake Travis in the Texas Hill Country. It’s surrounded by vegetation like cedar trees, which become flammable during dry spells. The neighborhood is also close to a couple of popular lakeside parks where the risk for recreational fires going wrong is high. But residents are concerned about something else: how to evacuate if a wildfire starts.

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