They may be small, but micro flora and fauna play a significant role in the ecosystem of Texas waterways. At the Texas Water Symposium on Thursday, September 1 in Kerrville, a panel of educators, researchers and ecologists shared their insights on the impact of human development on these small creatures, and explained their role in keeping our rivers and streams healthy.
In the audio, you’ll learn in detail:

  • Why our waters aren’t murky with fish poop. (Hint: small microorganisms help break down any potential buildup.)
  • Whether it’s safe to drink water from streams, rivers and lakes. (It won’t kill you, but it’s not recommended.)
  • The impact of pollutants on fresh-water mussels.
  • The difference between urban and rural fresh-water quality, animal and plant life.
  • All about brain-eating amoebas. They’re scary–but very, very rare.

Learn more and listen to full audio of the event from TPR