Do you live in the Guadalupe River’s flood planning region? If so, we want to hear from you!

Help the Guadalupe Regional Flood Planning Group identify areas with potential flood risk by filling out this interactive survey map by September 3. Your feedback is crucial to building a regional flood plan and gaining funding support through the TWDB Flood Infrastructure Fund.

Click here to fill out the survey or click here to learn more about Region 11 Guadalupe Regional Flood Planning Group.

Read on for an excerpt from GEAA’s recent press release and email alert:

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Map of Region 11

Dear GEAA members and friends,

If you live within the Guadalupe Blanco watershed and have had problems with flooding, we need to hear from you. The Region 11 Guadalupe Regional Flood Planning Group (RFPG) with the assistance from the Freese and Nichols, Inc. (FNI) Team, is developing the 2023 Guadalupe Regional Flood Plan.

For this process to be a success, it is critical that we establish a baseline and comprehensive understanding of the Flood Planning Region. I am contacting you to request your input and any local data we can use to support this effort. To facilitate this process, we have developed a region-wide, web-based survey to collect information necessary for development of a comprehensive flood plan through the use of an online Interactive Comment Map.

Click here to read the full email alert along with further links and instructions.