With a high-profile groundwater fight raging in his district, state Rep. Jason Isaac is launching a volley of legislation to stop plans to pump huge amounts of water from underneath Hays County. Read more from the Texas Tribune. Representative Isaac issued his own media release yesterday. Read “Rep. Isaac and Sen. Campbell File Water Legislation Aiming to Protect Trinity Aquifer.” below.
Rep. Isaac and Sen. Campbell File Water Legislation Aiming to Protect Trinity Aquifer
AUSTIN, TX – State Representative Jason Isaac (R-Dripping Springs) and State Senator Donna Campbell (R-New Braunfels) today, filed legislation to expand the boundaries of two groundwater conservation districts in Hays County, as well as a bill that removes the expansive powers of eminent domain outside of the boundaries and service area of the Goforth Special Utility District.

Rep. Isaac stated, “This is not just a water issue, it is also about property rights. Goforth SUD using eminent domain authority, for the benefit of a private company, is an egregious abuse of their power. HB 3407 will prevent Goforth from acquiring the pipeline easements by condemning land from property owners along FM 3237 and FM 150, and anywhere else that is not within the boundaries of their district.”

HB 3405/SB 1439, and HB 3406/SB 1440, will bring under protection an area of the Trinity Aquifer, which currently remains unprotected and just outside the boundary of a priority groundwater management area, by expanding either the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District or the Hays Trinity Groundwater Conservation District.

“For generations, Texans have been faced with the challenge of building vibrant communities while protecting our natural resources,” said State Sen. Donna Campbell. “By working with Rep. Jason Isaac and members of the Hays County community on legislation to protect groundwater in the Trinity Aquifer, I am confident that we are taking a key step to preserve the natural beauty of the Texas Hill Country, strengthen private property rights, and meet the demands of rapid population growth through responsible development in Central Texas.”

Rep. Isaac concluded, “I remain confident that the legislation we filed today will help bring a solution to protect not only the Trinity Aquifer, but also well owners who are worried about their wells running dry in the near future, and property owners who could lose their land from the wrongful use of eminent domain powers.”

For more information or to track the status of legislation, visit http://www.capitol.state.tx.us.