In 1996 David Baker, an area landowner, formed a 501(c)3 called Wimberley Valley Watershed Association to preserve the area for future generations. The preservation efforts have been significant, acquiring land around the well to allow for less development and for rainwater to continue to feed the aquifer below. The Well has gone dry numerous times in the last 15 years, and at times the water quality has been poor. The problem, according to David, is that urbanites value this rural land and are building homes and drawing water from an increasing number of wells. He believes the solution is in part rainwater harvesting for home water use.
Now that the rest of the world has discovered the unique beauty of the Texas Hill Country, preservation efforts are more important than ever. Organizations like the Hill Country Alliance are working hard to keep development from devouring the quiet beauty and damaging our supply of clean, clear water in places like Jacob’s Well. Support the efforts of these organizations to help keep what we love alive… Read more from