July 30, 2012

Save It for a Sunny Day

Hard-packed, fractured stretches of bone-dry earth and pale, cloudless skies with months of unrelenting heat isn’t exactly an appropriate backdrop for a conversation about rainwater harvesting. Or is it? Sanjeev Kalaswad, rainwater harvesting coordinator with the Texas Water Development Board and a leading proponent of rainwater harvesting in the state, thinks it’s just the right context for enlightening Texans about collecting and storing rainwater.Read more from Texas Co-op Power.

July 25, 2012

Aug. 14 meeting in Junction on protecting Upper Llano River Watershed

Anyone interested in becoming involved in improving and protecting the Upper Llano River Watershed is invited to attend a meeting Aug. 14 in Junction. “We’re encouraging citizens of the region to attend this meeting as their input is essential to the process of developing, implementing and achieving the ultimate success of the watershed protection plan.” Learn More

July 16, 2012

2012 Texas Water Plan identifies Hill Country water shortages

The 2012 Texas Water Plan produced by the Texas Water Development Board reports that water supplies for the Hill Country are insufficient to meet projected municipal (urban and rural) water demands during the next severe drought. The report identifies 60 Hill Country municipal water suppliers (i.e. city utilities and water districts) that will have water shortages. For many of the suppliers, the water demands are substantially greater than the supplies.View Presentation by Raymond Slade, HCA Advisory Board and Technical Team member.

Farmers, residents debate priorities for lakes

More than miles separate the rice farms of the Texas coast and the Highland Lakes, where the outward march of Austin is marked by each new house, strip mall and marina. They are divided by how to share the water of the Colorado River, pitting agriculture against recreation in a state that values both.Read more from SA Express-News.

July 10, 2012

Texas Counties Must Get the ‘Big Picture’

Kerrville and much of our Texas Hill Country, has a limited amount of water to spare—either groundwater or surface water. In recent decades many of the Central Edwards Plateau counties have boomed in population, growth and tourism activity. Read HCA Advisory Board member Mike Mecke’s article in Ranch & Rural Living Magazine.

Land Commissioner exploring desalination on State Land in Hays and Comal Counties

“The goal would be to provide water to a portion of Hays County where the General Land Office owns at least 4,500 acres. Bringing water to that land would make the property more valuable, increasing any asking price the land office sets for it,” Patterson said. Read full Statesman article here. “But isn’t desalination expensive and energy-intensive?” Learn more from StateImpact Texas.

July 9, 2012

Not a drop to waste

It’s easy to overwater your landscape during the hot Central Texas summer. This can waste water and money and actually harm your lawn and landscaping by making them more susceptible to disease. Even during the heat of summer, a typical landscape needs only about an inch of water a week to stay healthy. Because of the thinner soils found in Central Texas, many experts suggest watering about one-half inch twice a week. Figuring out exactly how much a half-inch is may sound difficult, but it can be accomplished with a few simple tools that most people have around the house. Learn more from LCRA.

July 5, 2012

Well, that’s interesting: Man takes trip down water memory lane

“There are still artesian wells in Texas, Mace said, but most of them are now gone. Some towns just let the wells run free until they stopping running altogether. “They just played out,” Mace said. “It’s actually a really good lesson in conservation.” Read more from Statesman.com.

July 2, 2012

Is Water the World’s Next Global Security Threat?

On day five of the Aspen Ideas Festival, leading thinkers on water issues gathered on a panel to discuss the question, “Is Water the Next Global Security Threat?” “The key will be harnessing the political will to fix the problems and iniquities in our distribution system”. Read More