The Hill Country Alliance hopes to be part of the solution for how our rural communities can solve complicated problems like the one that occurred in Junction last month. On August 26th, the City of Junction Water System issued a Boil Water Notice to all of its customers because of a failure in the system. On August 28th, the city lost its ability to distribute water to customers at all. Junction was without water, negatively impacting local businesses, schools, health care facilities and residents, until late on August 31st. Even then, however, the water was not potable. The City of Junction Water System was able to rescind the Boil Water Notice on September 2nd. Take a look here and here for news coverage of this issue. Critical to the health of our region is the health and vibrancy of towns like Junction. The city council and Mayor Hammonds are taking this episode seriously—now how does our region work together to make sure this doesn’t happen again, or in another small community? Time to start a conversation.