By Jeri Porter, Fischer, TX
Letter to the Editor of the New Braunfels Herald-Zietung
June 27, 2019

Comal County is at a crossroads.  We have options in the directions to take and your readers can help!

The changes we see today in our landscape and wildlife are primarily a function of loss of habitat.  Comal County is in the crosshairs of developers and we all should recognize the reason—beautiful rolling hills, clean air, lots of clear flowing water, all because we do still have adequate open spaces.  Our population is promised to increase and those spaces will become compromised.  Given proper guidelines, the impact can be mitigated, resulting in a healthy balance of humanity and nature, but we must plan now!

As with any endeavor worth saving, this will come at a cost. Large landowners will need to make decisions on what is most important in their lives and the quality of life they wish to retain, homeowners in the city will need to become involved as solutions are sought to protect water quality and lands.   Increased population places a responsibility on elected officials to come up with methods to meet the needs of those additional folks. 

It’s not too late but there is an urgency in the air.  Together we can meet this challenge but it does need to be faced head on.