Supporters and Friends,
Spring is the perfect time to see the Texas Hill Country in all its glory! The warmer weather brings with it the beginning of many days spent swimming in our spring-fed rivers and streams.
During this time of year, I am reminded why the Hill Country is such an incredible place to live (despite the summer heat!). It also reminds me of the challenges and decisions that lie ahead for the Lone Star state. If we keep pumping our aquifers at current rates, and drawing down our rivers, will those swimming holes still be here for our children and grandchildren?
Yesterday, March 22nd, as World Water Day was celebrated in Texas and across the globe, attention was turned to the importance of our most precious resource – water. World Water Day is a day to discuss solutions and call for action. It’s also a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future.
HCA is dedicated to protecting water in the Texas Hill Country. Experts predict that Texas could run out of water as soon as 2020. Taking care of the region’s water supply is an increasingly complex and important issue. We proactively help communities plan ahead and adopt a new way of thinking about water use. We work collaboratively across public and private sectors to better understand how to manage water for future generations.
On April 4, the Hill Country Alliance will host the Kent Butler Summit to discuss innovative approaches to planning for a bright, resilient future for the Hill Country. With a theme of Pipes, People, Pavement, and the Future of Water in the Hill Country, we will cover some of the major issues determining the future of our region and its resources. Register today – you won’t want to miss it!
Keynote Speaker and HCA Board Member, Sharlene Leurig, will discuss “One Water”, which is a truly Texan concept. The study offers a new way to think of water by taking a holistic approach that treats all types of water, from gray water to freshwater, as a single, renewable resource. George Hawkins, former CEO and General Manager of DC Water, will also cover innovative water solutions and how to make them a reality.
The Hill Country Alliance is fortunate to have an amazing network of supporters who help make these opportunities possible. Thank you to all who donated during Amplify Austin. We received and overwhelming amount of support and exceeded our fundraising goal – thanks to you! This support helps fuel our organization to continue to work towards a vision for the Hill Country that moves us all forward.
Wishing you full swimming holes and creeks this month,