Dear Hill Country Neighbors,
Spring is the time for neighbors to reach across fence lines, celebrate the good rains we’ve been enjoying, and get together to speak with a common voice for the Hill Country. From the Pedernales Potluck (a bi-annual landowner gathering that HCA organizes for landowners in the basin) to the Headwaters Alliance (a landowner gathering with a focus on keeping the springs and rivers of the Hill Country flowing) and the TREAD Coalition (a new initiative focused on representing landowners’ interests at the legislature and in the court room), we know that big things can happen when we find common ground and work together. This month’s Director’s Note spotlights Ted Flato-an HCA board member, multi-generational Hill Country landowner, and founder of the Headwaters Alliance. Read on to learn more about Ted’s passion for HCA and this region.

HCA Board Spotlight: Ted Flato

Why did you join the HCA board?
My family and I spend a lot of time in the outdoors and in the Hill Country, so it’s something that’s critically precious and important to me. When you’re as passionate as my family and I are about the land, you want to be as involved as possible to make a difference.
What makes you passionate about HCA?
For me, the Hill Country Alliance (HCA) is so unique because of its collaborative spirit. They see other environmental groups not as competitors, but collaborators. It’s a refreshing perspective that I’m confident is making the world of environmentalism in the Hill Country a more efficient body.
What does the Hill Country mean to your family and your family’s future generations?
The Edwards plateau has been at the heart of my family for a very long time. My great great grandparents were early settlers in the Hill Country, so I grew up on this marvelous place along the Nueces River. I’ve enjoyed it my whole life and it’s a big part of who I am. Making sure it is in as great of shape as it could be in the future for my kids and their kids is very important to me.

HCA Event Spotlight: 2019 Photo Contest

Finally – in case you missed it, HCA’s annual Hill Country photo contest is in full swing! From now until May 31, we’re accepting photography submissions that capture the vibrant beauty of our native landscapes, wildlife, and water resources as well as the people that protect and enjoy them! Visit for details.
Thank you,

Katherine Romans
Executive Director, Hill Country Alliance