Landowners near a Christian summer camp planned in the Tarpley area have scheduled an organizational meeting to examine the camp’s plans to dump 49,000 gallons a day of treated wastewater into an area creek and to decide if a more environmentally sound treatment plan should be pursued.
Margo Denke, who lives about a mile and a half downstream from the domestic wastewater treatment facility proposed by RR 417 LLC for the camp, said the project has generated a lot of concern about the impact it will have on water quality since landowners learned about it last month.
She said she and other landowners are concerned that Commissioner’s Creek is too small to accept the amount of treated wastewater that is planned by developers, that nitrogen and pH levels in the creek will rise drastically and that fish in the creek won’t be able to survive.
“I’m not trying to be inflammatory, but we should not be suffering consequences from this development.  That’s not fair,” said Denke, who has helped organize the informational meeting planned for Sunday, Oct. 21, at the Anton Haner Center, 264 Valentine Lane near the Tarpley Volunteer Fire Department station.
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