COLLEGE STATION — A new Council of Agricultural Science and Technology, or CAST, paper examines the causes and consequences of groundwater depletion throughout the U.S. with a focus on how this will affect agriculture — the largest sector of groundwater use.
The paper, “Aquifer Depletion and Potential Impacts on Long-term Irrigated Agricultural Productivity,” was co-authored by Dr. John Tracy, Texas A&M University’s Texas Water Resources Institute director, College Station.
Tracy chaired a task force of university and government researchers exploring the long-term impact of aquifer depletion on U.S. agriculture. Their investigations and insights are reflected in the paper.
Other task force members from Texas A&M included Dr. Gretchen Miller, department of civil engineering; Dr. Dana Porter, department of biological and agricultural engineering, Lubbock; and Dr. Zhuping Sheng, Texas A&M AgriLife Research and Extension Center resident director, El Paso.
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