Our recent award of the Night Sky Friendly Business Recognition Program, sponsored by the Mason County Chamber of Commerce goes to Benjie’s. This program recognizes businesses that use light fixtures that use less electricity and preserves our beautiful starry skies. Benjie’s is located at 208 Ft. McKavitt on the square in Mason. Beatrice and Julio Ramon purchased an existing store in January of 2014 and a few months later they closed to remodel. They took down the very bright fluorescent light fixtures, replacing them with low watt, LED’s selecting a warm color tone light bulbs which offers a soft, relaxing, comfortable lighting to their store. LED’s are cost effective but can range from a piercing uncomfortable blue tone to the warmer softer tones. Same cost savings, same amount of light, just more comfortable and pleasing to the eye.
More and more business owners and individuals in Mason are becoming more aware of the small changes that can be made on their property to lower their electric bill and avoid glare from light fixtures that shine outside into driver’s eyes and into our night sky. It’s not just the adults in the community that are a part of this endeavor. The Pioneers, a class on leadership, led by Megan Bierschwale are working with Bridget Langdale, a Texas Master Naturalist and Cliff Kaplan of the Hill Country Alliance. We have some amazing youth in our community and they want to share their new knowledge on protecting our night sky with the adults in Mason. These students are committed in sharing their knowledge of having lights for safety, security, while saving money on wise lighting decisions. The Pioneers are working with Bridget to select and honor businesses each month who are displaying good lighting practices… Read more from hillcountrypassport.com