How long will San Antonio residents be required to subsidize the city’s developers at the cost of our own safety, health and pocketbooks?

 Except for a few visionaries, our city representatives and staff continue to be appallingly shortsighted and reactionary, supporting policies that lead to flooding and health hazards, and amount to welfare for developers. It’s high time to implement the proven policies of water management, outlined in the Davila-Gibbons articles, that promote flood control, clean waterways and a sustainable water supply appropriate for a drought-prone city.

We need strong ordinances — not just voluntary efforts — to enforce these policies.
We don’t need the city’s continued over-reliance on concrete water channels to divert runoff. Instead, we need lots more rainwater-capture: cisterns, rain gardens and bioswales to allow water to percolate into the soil, and constructed wetlands to purify stormwater for reuse (e.g., for irrigation). We need city water policies aimed at retaining and wisely reusing our precious intermittent rainfall… Read more from