The City of Dripping Springs has requested a permit to discharge treated sewage into Onion Creek. Residents, downstream municipalities, and the local aquifer protection districts are concerned by the potential contamination of this pristine creek, local drinking water, downstream aquifers, and drinking water wells.

The City of Dripping Springs has requested a new permit from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to discharge treated sewage into a tributary of Onion Creek. Currently, the city disposes of its waste water by way of irrigation. Downstream property owners, municipalities, and clean water advocate groups (this will link to our letter to TCEQ on HCA website) are concerned by the possible degradation of this pristine Hill Country stream by nutrient rich and contaminant laden treated effluent. Additionally, both of the area’s aquifer districts have voiced opposition to the discharge permit citing a recent scientific study illustrating that Onion Creek flows into the Trinity Aquifer just downstream from the city’s discharge point – and thus could potentially introduce contaminants into tens of thousands of local residents’ drinking water wells. has the most comprehensive web-site for documentation related to this requested permit, resolutions, and science.
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