Trib+Water interview with Tim Loftus: Tim Loftus is a faculty member in the Department of Geography at Texas State University. He also serves as chair in water conservation at the Meadows Center for Water and the Environment. Loftus’s research focuses on water conservation, among other topics.

Trib+Water: Can you tell me a bit about the research you do and any recent projects?
Tim Loftus: I’m relatively new at Texas State. As I mentioned, I began Sept. 1, and I’m a faculty member in our Department of Geography and the Meadows endowed chair in water conservation. So my emphasis is on water resources, whether it’s looking at ways to reduce demand for water or increase efficiency and reduce utility water loss and waste, or even exploring ways to manage land for the purpose of conserving water.
For example, I just launched a project earlier this month with a couple of graduate students, where we’re going to be exploring urban water conservation potential in region K, which includes Austin, and region C, which includes the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. One of my students is going to be evaluating residential water use and my other student commercial, industrial and institutional water use. We’re looking at what the potential might be to continue to push conservation and efficiency. And once we develop a sense for that potential we’ll have a basis by which we can compare, for example, the conservation strategies and regional plans. Are they going far enough, is it an underestimate of potential, for example? Read full interview from the Texas Tribune