Commercial enterprises are increasingly installing various rainwater harvesting systems for water conservation purposes. Harvesting can also reduce stormwater runoff and fees, and helps solve potable, non-potable, and energy challenges. Commercial property owners are beginning to realize how much stormwater fees are costing them, says Zachary Popkin, program manager for the Energy Coordinating Agency in Philadelphia (via the Forester Network).
Rainwater harvesting is an opportunity to collect water from roofs and reuse it, keeping it onsite, which eliminates a huge portion of stormwater runoff, according to David Crawford, president of the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA). Crawford says the EPA is pushing for more rainwater catchment. Proponents of rainwater harvesting point out that 70% to 80% of water use is non-potable, so it makes no sense to spend money on energy to clean up water and to pump water out and back from centralized municipalities… Read more from Environmental Leander