Today, Representative Kyle Biedermann (R-Fredericksburg) filed HB 3883& HB 3884 to protect Kendall County’s fragile resources. Both bills were a product of teamwork between Rep. Biedermman and the Kendall County Commissioner’s Court. 

Biedermann said, “The Hill Country is unique and its natural resources are being stretched by incoming developments in unincorporated areas. I am proud of the work of my staff and the Kendall County Commissioners Court on finding two unique ways to foster sustainable growth.” 

 HB 3883 addresses the challenges facing the Hill Country Priority Groundwater Management Area (PGMA), and allows voters to petition the county for more tools to create sustainable growth. Likewise, HB 3884 allows the voters to petition the County to specifically address lot frontages to ensure appropriate density and resources for each new home built. If passed by the Legislature, each bill will require approval by Kendall County voters. The goal is to empower the residents of Kendall County. 

Kendall County Commissioner Richard Elkins said, “The members of Kendall County Commissioners Court would like to thank Representative Biedermann and his staff for working proactively with the Members to develop two Bills, when passed by the 87th Legislature, will provide the necessary Development Rules and Regulations to protect our natural resources and quality of life while allowing new economic development.” He continued, “I would also like to thank all the Kendall County residents for taking the Bill Validation Survey, which indicated a 93% public support of the bills. A grass roots education effort by the Hill Country Weekly, Comfort News, Boerne Star news media and numerous residents utilizing printed and social media informed the residents of the survey.” 

Commissioner Richard Chapman added, “We are asking for these controls to be authorized by the local people who must live with our changing Hill Country atmosphere. The survey we completed reflects the will of the people and supports our requested legislation.” 

Representative Biedermann is a small business owner who is serving his third term and represents Gillespie, Comal, and Kendall counties. More information can be found at 

Read the full press release from Representative Kyle Biedermann, District 73 here.