Important note: Deadline for submission extended to 2/26/2021

The Blanco Water Reclamation Task Force (Task Force) was formed in September 2020 when the Blanco City Council, with a unanimous vote on Sept. 8, committed to a partnership with local NGO, Protect Our Blanco, that would seek to identify solutions for continued growth and development without wastewater discharge into the Blanco River. The Task Force includes city council representatives, city staff, business representatives and technical experts. The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment (The Meadows Center) will facilitate the task force under its two-year agreement with the City to identify sustainable water management solutions.

The Meadows Center seeks a qualified engineering firm to assist the Task Force in evaluating long-term One Water solutions for the City of Blanco’s anticipated water and sewer service area applicable to the goal of continued growth and development while protecting the health of the Blanco River and regional groundwater resources. This effort will require an analysis of existing engineering and hydrologic studies along with an evaluation of the City’s infrastructure, growth projections, economic outlook and available resources.

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