Using nature as a model, Restoration Agriculture is the intentional restoration of healthy, functional ecosystems as the context for economically-viable farm and ranch operations. Perennial crops, livestock, fungus, and pollinators are integrated to produce abundant food, fiber, and fuel crops while simultaneously restoring critical ecosystem services such as water purification and infiltration, nutrient cycling, and biodiversity.
In this extended Restoration Agriculture workshop, farmer/entrepreneur/author Mark Shepard integrate Permaculture Design, Holistic Management, Keyline Design, whole living ecosystems, ecological restoration and production agriculture into a cohesive model for highly profitable agriculture.  Participants will also be introduced to biome and natural plant community mimicry as a method of designing permanent agricultural systems.
Participants will be immersed in the strategic how-to’s of implementing Restoration Agriculture beginning with the agroforestry techniques of Alleycropping and multi-species Silvopasture grazing. Mark will also cover how to implement water management systems based off of natural patterns and informed by Keyline patterning pioneered by P.A. Yeomans.
Presenter: Mark Shepard
Dates: November 10 – 12, 2015
Time: 9am – 5pm
Location:  Cibolo Nature Center & Farm Auditorium in Boerne, TX
Tuition:  $325
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