Five magnificent Bur oaks planted along Buffalo Bayou west of downtown in Eleanor Tinsley Park will be dedicated on Tuesday in memory of Terese Tarlton “Terry” Hershey.
Hershey died in January at 94, leaving behind a legacy of conservation and activism as towering as this beautiful stand of Bur oaks. The trees will grow to shade the souls and inspire the spirits of bayou lovers for decades, if not centuries to come.

 She would likely be pleased. The oaks are well-placed, just above a wide swath of the bayou she fought so hard to preserve in a natural state — or as natural a state as decades of some well-intentioned, but misguided flood-control efforts would allow.

That was one of the critical missions of her storied life, to see Buffalo Bayou preserved as a shimmering ribbon of life and hope… Read more from the Houston Chronicle