Austin-based St. Elmo Brewing Co. teamed up with Richard’s Rainwater, a rain water bottling company located in Dripping Springs, TX to create their Rain Pale Ale.
A core value of St. Elmo is collaboration. Experimenting with rainwater was an ongoing interest for both for Founders, Tim Bullock and Bryan Winslow and when they realized their landlord had a connection with Richard’s Rainwater they made the introduction and headed out to Dripping Springs, TX to see the facility and meet Richard in person.
After installing a whole-house water collection system in 1994, Richard Heinichen fell in love with rainwater.  He began installing systems for other people in the Texas hill country and one day, while working on a hot, dusty jobsite, he grew so thirsty for rainwater that he drove all the way home to fill his thermos from his own faucet. At that point, he knew it needed to be bottled and shared… Read more from Brewbound