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County Planning Tools – Our Hill Country counties desperately need new tools to create and implement their own comprehensive regional plans for a sustainable economy and environment.

Hill Country Population Growth – The Hill Country is projected to add another 2 million people over the next four decades. Some counties are expected to more than double in population by 2050.

Statistical relations of precipitation and stream runoff for El Niño and La Niña periods, Texas Hill Country – A report by hydrologist Raymond Slade from the Texas Water Journal.

GIS Mapping and Land Use Studies – HCA Country Alliance partners with Texas State University, GIS class 4427, to study hydrology, geography and land use issues in the Texas Hill Country.

Growth Scenario – The purpose of this report is to educate stake holders in Texas and the Hill Country on what this 17-county Central Texas region will look like in 2030 (given the assumption that the population will grow at the projected rate of growth and no new authority is granted for managing the growth).

Land Fragmentation Study – American Farmland Trust and Texas A&M’s Institute for Renewable Natural Resources release a new 2009 Texas Land Trend Study highlighting the loss of agricultural lands, trends in ownership size and current land use trends.