“We are looking at starting the summer months, in the Hill Country, with only five inches of rain,” Katherine Romans, Executive Director of the Hill Country Alliance, explained during the opening of the most recent Texas Water Symposium on Wednesday, May 30. As the Hill Country continues to grow at unprecedented rates, the demands on limited water resources will increasingly outpace the current supply. The overpumping of rivers and aquifers will result in reduced spring flow, thus impacting everything from the quality of life to the environment throughout the region.
Many experts in the industry believe that One Water could be the future of water supplies for our region. One Water is a concept of re-imagining how we consider traditional water sources. Much like the techniques that ranchers have practiced for generations, One Water emphasizes slowing, spreading and sinking rainwater in our landscapes. It looks for opportunities to consider all water—including storm water and wastewater—as potential supply in urban areas… Read more and listen to the event from TPR