The story of water and Texas starts right here, some 650 ft. below the surface where you are reading this. That’s the historic average for October of the J-17 well, 658 ft. above sea level, the measure that influences everything related to the Edwards Aquifer.
The Edwards Aquifer is one of the most abundant artesian aquifers in the world. It supplies water to more than two million people and thousands of farmers in the region. Spread underneath Southwestern Texas, the Edwards Aquifer charges the seven largest springs in the state and several major rivers, and is responsible for most of the water fun in Texas. Compared to other aquifers, the Edwards’ karst limestone allows for greater recharge and sustainability than any aquifer in the region. And it’s not just any water. The sweet, clear Artesian spring water that comes from the Edwards is some of the best-tasting water anywhere. It is a miracle of our natural world… Read more from the Rivard Report