Raymond Slade, Jr., Registered Professional Hydrologist has been studying water resources in Central Texas for decades. Catastrophic flooding is not new to this region. Raymond’s studies of historic floods in the Hill Country provides lessons for the entire Hill Country region. Also, Ron Green of Southwest Research Institute studies advance warning for flooding in Karst regions. View these valuable presentations to learn more:
Catastrophic Floods in the Texas Hill Country
By Raymond Slade
Potential for Catastrophic Floods in the Austin Area
By Raymond Slade
Austin flooding
Historic flood levels including the 2018 flood in cubic feet per second on the Llano River at Llano Texas.

Flash Flooding in Karstic Terrains in South-Central Texas
from the Geological Society of America
Flash Flooding in Karstic Terrains
Flood Facts: From 1998 to 2000, floods in Texas have taken over 100 lives, displaced more than 50,000 people and cost over 7.5 billion dollars. Nationally, deaths from all natural disasters are declining – except for flash flooding.
Texas holds six of the top 12 world records for rainfall of short duration and has floodplain acreage the size of North Carolina.
“Flash Flood Alley” is a one-hour film that follows the lives of five Texans who rebuild after the great Central Texas flood of 1998.  Read about this important film, see very helpful documents, media releases and film clips:  http://floodsafety.com/media/ffa/contents_index.htm