On Oct. 22, Hays County approved an interlocal agreement that will involve installation of two groundwater monitor wells near Jacob’s Well and sampling of groundwater in the vicinity of Jacob’s Well. On Oct. 1, Travis County approved the continuation of groundwater study for southwest Travis County. Recent strong support from Hays and Travis Counties provides funding that will help fill critical data gaps for the Trinity Aquifer Sustainable Yield Study.
The sustainable yield of an aquifer is the amount of groundwater that can be pumped from the aquifer without causing unreasonable impacts to other water-supply wells and springs. The Trinity Aquifer is the primary groundwater supply for Hill Country residents in Hays and Travis Counties, and Trinity Aquifer springs help sustain iconic Hill Country streams. With limited water resources and exceptional population growth in Hays and Travis Counties, the effects of groundwater pumping are already being seen with reduced spring flow and long-term lowering of water levels in the Trinity Aquifer and underscore the importance of science-based policies.
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