Over the past year, the Trinity Glen Rose District (TGR) has been working with a groundwater modeling consultant to take a look at how some projected new pumping from the Trinity Aquifer, exempt from TGR regulations, might impact the water source over time. The District was alerted about a year ago that a new water supply company was planning to possibly withdraw approximately 17,000 acre feet of water (5.5 billion gallons) each year to supply water to developments north of Bexar County. Over the last 14 years, the Trinity Glen Rose District has averaged pumping 19,500 acre feet per year. The long-term planning projection is for about 25,500 acre feet.

“Our entire focus is to make sure the Trinity Aquifer remains a reliable source for decades to come,” said TGR General Manager George Wissmann. “So, you can imagine that when we were notified about a year ago about this additional exempt pumping from the Trinity, we would be a little concerned. But, before we made any judgements about those new withdrawals, we thought we should use the best science available and see how groundwater models would predict impacts to others in our jurisdiction from additional pumping.”

Read more in the February 2019 Trinity Glen Rose Groundwater Conservation District Newsletter, here.