The Board of Directors of the Upper Guadalupe River Authority (UGRA) previewed the recently completed Kerr County flood awareness video “Be Flood Aware” at their regular meeting on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. In order to promote flood danger awareness, UGRA joined forces with Kerr County and the City of Kerrville to create this flood awareness video for Kerr County.
The video is intended as an educational tool to share with the community to remind us all of the danger of flash floods and how to protect yourself and your family from these dangers. Topics include a description of the topography of our area that contributes to the occurrence of flash floods, history of significant Kerr County floods, an overview of flood awareness resources, and interviews with local emergency management officials.
The video is approximately 11 minutes long and was produced by Aaron Yates of The video is available through YouTube and can be accessed through UGRA’s home page as well. Please contact UGRA if you would like to schedule a presentation.
Whether you are a life-long Kerr County resident or an occasional visitor to the area, understanding your flood risk and being connected to emergency warnings is essential. The Guadalupe River enhances our quality of life and we all enjoy living near it, but at the same time, be aware of the flash flood danger that also exists and what you can do to be prepared and protected. Please help us spread the word – Be Flood Aware.
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