Water Symposium Oct 21, 2015“Whether the Vista Ridge pipeline will soften the city’s efforts to encourage residents to use less water is just one of a variety of concerns that have surfaced ahead of the city council’s vote on a water rate increase to help pay for it.” Texas Tribune’s Kiah Collier captures highlights from the Texas Water Symposium. “One fuel for those critical flames was the city’s decision to delay releasing Finch’s critical study, a draft copy of which says the project could be perceived as the city “ignoring the interests of its rural neighbors … so there is water for new San Antonians to water their lawns.” Read more from the Texas Tribune
“Panelist Annalisa Peace, executive director of the Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, said she has long felt that SAWS and the City are not being proactive enough to ensure that newer developments stress water conservation efforts. The widespread prevalence in the suburbs of automatic irrigation systems used to keep non-native residential turf lawns green, is a particular sticking point with conservationists who say the City and SAWS could significantly reduce water usage by banning such systems and mandating drought-tolerant native landscape plantings.” Read the full story in the Rivard Report
The League of Independent Voters of Texas, an organization strongly opposed to the Vista Ridge project released a 16 minute video exploring how Vista Ridge promises to bring the “California Water Model” to Texas. Click here to watch the video.
The full audio from the latest Texas Water Symposium will air on Texas Public Radio Sunday, October 25 at 8:00 pm. A recording of the Symposium will be available on TPR’s Texas Water Symposium webpage following Sunday’s broadcast. Recordings of past Texas Water Symposiums are also available.