The $3.4 billion Vista Ridge water pipeline, water conservation, the Nov. 19 City Council vote on a new rate increase and structure that will result in reduced bills for low usage and higher bills for big water users dominated the conversation at the San Antonio Clean Technology Forum‘s sixth annual water forum staged before a sold-out luncheon crowd at the Pearl Stable on Monday.
Mayor Ivy Taylor, who delivered opening remarks, asked for audience and community support for the rate increase and rate restructuring. The City is hosting several public meetings in the coming weeks to explain the new eight-tiered rate structure. Click here for details.
The new rate structure, which adds four new usage and pricing tiers to the existing four-tiered system, is designed to reward ratepayers who practice conservation while penalizing users who do not conserve, especially individuals who use excessive amounts of water to irrigate non-native landscapes and turf… Read more from the Rivard Report