I know someone in public relations; she avoids topics such as religion, politics, and the weather. Religion and politics can be very personal and areas of possible dissent. Talking about the weather, she tells me, might seem safe, but might in its safety bore the very people that she wants to engage. Perhaps things are changing. The weather in some parts of the world seems increasingly destructive and hard to avoid talking about.

There is a difference between weather and climate; however, some related aspects on the topic of HEAT can be easy to overlook (more on this below). When we talk about climate or weather, we often use the same terms: temperature—hot or cold? humidity—muggy or not? precipitation—rainy or not? etc. Long-term weather patterns divide the world into regions constituting climates: tropical (hot and humid weather), dry (deserts, little rain), temperate (warm summers, mild winters), continental (warmish summers, very cold winters), and polar (the weather is even cold in the summer).

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