Resting under Texas, there is more than 2.7 billion acre-feet of brackish groundwater in the state’s minor and major aquifers. To put that into perspective, the total conservation capacity (water supply) for reservoirs monitored by the Texas Water Development Board (TWBD) is 31.3 million acre-feet. That means there is nearly 90 times as much brackish groundwater residing under the state than what would be currently available through our state’s reservoirs if they were all full.
While we know there is an abundant supply of brackish groundwater under Texas, we also know that not all of it can be used for water supply. There remains a lot to learn about brackish groundwater, the aquifers in which it resides, and the scientific obstacles to turning that supply into a reliable water source.
In response to the need for more scientific knowledge on brackish aquifers, the 81st Texas Legislature approved funding that helped establish the Brackish Resources Aquifer Characterization System (BRACS) program in 2009… Read more from TWDB