Hill Country residents are worried developers will scar the area’s scenic hill tops, and one town has decided to do something about it.
Mostly pickups, SUVS and bikers drive down the scenic main drag of the little town of Wimberley, about an hour’s drive from San Antonio.
Councilwoman Christine Byrne said the city has a cool vibe.
“Wimberley is kind of a small, rural community right outside of Austin,” she said. “Very artsy. We love our natural spaces. We are blessed to have the Cypress Creek and the Blanco running right through Wimberley.”
Locals are proud the community is nestled at the base of what they believe to be some of the most beautiful hills found in the region.
Wimberley Councilwoman Christine Byrne said two particular hills really stand out.
“When you drive into Wimberley from San Marcos, two very iconic hills you see are of course, old Baldy and the sister mountain, which is Mount Edith, and we just don’t want to see development,” she said.
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